We are happy and able to clean carpets and upholstery on jobs that range in size from small residential projects to large scale commercial buildings. We also offer stain removal and deodorization. Our method of cleaning leaves your carpet dry within an hour or less of us leaving so you can resume your life.


Like most home repair projects, doing it yourself can save money, but often times you can’t do a job the right way unless you have the right tool for the job. The same applies to carpet cleaning. While you can rent or buy a shampoo machine and attempt the clean your carpets, you are just skimming the surface and not truly cleaning your carpet down to the pad. Spend about the same amount of money and have us clean your carpet. The difference will be evident in the results. 

We use the latest in safe, cleaning chemicals and we employ the hot water extraction method, the method mandated by carpet manufactures, such as Shaw, to keep up the warranty on your carpet. Hot water extraction means a hot water cleaning solution, under high pressure, is forced into your carpet and then sucked out of your carpet. This leaves your carpet as clean as possible, as opposed to other methods such as: dry foam, bonnet cleaning or dry absorbent powder. These methods leave an unwanted residue in your carpet and fail to clean as well. The difference is the same as a person who showers and then rinses off the soap and dirt as opposed to the person who only takes a sponge bath.

Some carpet cleaning companies just do hot water extraction, but we feel our customers deserve the very best so we use a device called the brush pro which helps bring all the buried dirt to the surface and then we pre-vacuum all the areas. Once we have done that, we pre-spray all the areas with a heavy-duty cleaning agent. Once the cleaning agent has had ten minutes to dwell on the carpet we use our carpet wand and hot water extract all of the carpet. We go over each area a total of four times for the best cleaning results. We hot water extract twice and we dry extract twice. This method both helps to clean the carpet better, but also helps to dry the carpet faster so you can resume your normal life.

At this time, for a small additional fee, we can apply a protection to your carpet which is like a scotch guard and helps to repel any new stains that may find their way onto your carpet. 

As part of our normal price, for no additional charge at all, we will place fans in the areas we have treated to help dry your carpets even more so that within an hour or two of us leaving your carpets will be dry. We will also place protective coasters under the legs of any furniture that might be affected by resting on damp carpet as it dries.

What we do as part of our basic price:

  • Brush Pro
  • Pre-Vacuum
  • Pre-Spray
  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Placement of Fans
  • Placement of Protective Coasters

What other companies do for their basic price:

  • Hot Water Extraction



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